Obama in Mexico, salt in Sochi, pretzel battle and more

Obama Departs White House For North American Leaders Summit In Mexico

Trade tops agenda during Obama's visit to Mexico

It's the meeting called "The Three Amigos." President Obama is in Toluca, Mexico today to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Time cover of Mexico's Pena Nieto causes uproar

There's been a mounting uproar over a Time magazine cover set for publication next week. It features a photo of a statuesque President Pena Nieto with the headline "Saving Mexico."
LAPD Body Cameras - 6
The LAPD's civilian oversight panel unanimously decided that what an officer does in the moments before a shooting will now be considered when investigating use of deadly force. Part of the reason for this decision relates to how the police deal with the mentally ill.
Film director Angela Robinson arrives at

What's it like to be a black, female director in Hollywood?

We turn to Angela Robinson, who has worked as a director and producer of some projects you might have heard of like The L Word and True Blood.
San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Clippers

Sports Roundup: NBA draft, Yasiel Puig, Michael Sam and more

It's time for sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, who have covered the sports scene for ESPN and the L.A. Times.
Sochi Olympics Snowboard Women
Olympic officials in Sochi had to sweet-talk a Swiss salesman, re-route a plane from Bulgaria, and have the Russians strong-arm through customs ... all for 19 tons of salt needed for the slopes.
Cardinal Mahony Announces San Antonio Archbishop Jose Gomez As Successor

LA archdiocese to settle with 17 alleged abuse victims

After more than a decade, the L.A. archdiocese is settling the last of its pending priest molestation lawsuits. In about an hour, lawyers will hold a press conference to discuss details of the settlement.
Fast Food Workers Organize Nat'l Walkout Over Low Wages
The Congressional Budget Office released a report this week on how increasing the federal minimum wage would affect workers and businesses across the country. Here in California, the minimum wage is set to increase to $9 per hour in July and $10 per hour in 2016.
Capital One Bank

Capital One updates policy to include home visits

It's not a funky new ad campaign, it's actually part of their new terms of service agreement. The actual wording reads "We may contact you in any manner we choose."
There's a legal battle over who invented them, who gets to make them for Trader Joe's, and how TJ's own supply chain works.
Clayton Strahan jar of quaggas

Damaging exotic mussels in area lake are impossible to eradicate

A small, freshwater mussel called the Quagga has moved into a Southland waterway, and it's particularly damaging.
Obit Bob Casale

Devo's Bob Casale dies from heart failure at 61

Bob Casale was a musician best know for his work with DEVO, a band which made a name for itself in the late 1970s.
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