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LA Rain, religious freedom bills, SoCal drought, SB 1062, and more

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Deal collapses on California drought legislation
Forecasters say the downpour Southern California could get several inches of rain over the next few days, which is great for water levels. But it's been years since the region has had a soaking like this, and a sudden downpour could cause some problems as well.
Raindrops are seen on a vehicle's windsh
A few months ago, Los Angeles Rain started sharing his thoughts and feelings as so many of us do these days, in 140 characters or less on twitter. For more inside the psyche of Los Angeles Rain, we're joined for an exclusive interview with the one-and-only, Los Angeles Rain.
Roaming music teacher - Linda Mouradian 7

Teachers: LA schools' arts education budget 'a step in the wrong direction'

Arts teachers cry foul over officials' plan cut elementary kids' musical instrument lessons from a full year to just one semester to squeeze in more schools.
Arizona Holds Presidential Primary

Religious freedom bills worry gay rights supporters

The clock is ticking for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. A controversial bill, SB 1062, sits on her desk and she has until the end of the day on Saturday to decide what to do with it.
How Tony Davis wound up in prison and how prison changed his life is the subject of a piece journalist Gary Rivlin wrote about for the Atavist, called "Stray Bullet."
2014 NFL Combine

Sports Roundup: Michael Sam, home plate collisions and more

It's time for sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, who have covered the sports scene for ESPN and the L.A. Times.
Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues
According to new information by the CDC, there's been a dramatic drop in obesity rates of children. The study reported that 8 percent of children aged two to five were obese in 2011 to 2012. From 2003 - 2004 that number was 14 percent.
Unrest continues in Venezuela, where protesters have clashed with government forces over the past several weeks.
Earlier this week, authorities seized a 30-foot boat just north of San Diego, 500 pounds of methamphetamine was stashed inside. Officials say the boat came from Mexico.
People dream of winning the lottery or digging up treasure in their own backyard. That's exactly happened to one Sierra Nevada couple.

App Chat: Retro gaming on your phone

Thief - a popular video game series from the early two thousands is being rebooted, with the newest version coming out for Playstation Four and Xbox One this Friday. But what if you want something simpler? Today on App Chat we have a list retro gaming apps for your phone.

Study shows playing Tetris can help cure cravings

It might seem like a total waste of time, but as it turns out there may be some concrete benefits to playing Tetris. A new study found that playing the game can reduce our cravings.

Concerns over cyber security grow, experts gather in San Francisco

Leading cyber experts from around the world take on cyber crime at the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco this week. They're discussing underlying causes of that crime and one word keeps coming up -- outsourcing.
Harriet The Spy
Louise Fitzhugh's award-winning children's book "Harriet the Spy" about the young tomato sandwich-eating sleuth has been translated into several languages, turned into a movie and continued to captivate the imaginations of children for decades.

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