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LA steps up effort to snag 2024 Olympics

by Take Two®

Local sports fans wear patriotic Olympic Rings sunglasses during the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, USA. Getty Images/Getty Images

L.A. last hosted the Olympics in 1984, and they were considered a huge success. Officials here are hoping for a repeat four decades later by hosting the 2024 Games, but that past gold medal performance might actually be a liability for Los Angeles.

That's right, when it comes to hosting an Olympics, L.A. might be too good for it's own good.

To explain why, we're joined by Barry Sanders, chair of the Southern California Committee for the Olympics Games.

Sanders believes that L.A. may have an advantage based on its infrastructure and drastic changes over the last few decades.

“We have infrastructure in terms of arenas. We have rail now that we didn’t have in 1984. By 2024, we’ll have a completed and fabulous rail system and an airport that will be well rebuilt by then,” Sanders says.

But it’s not just infrastructure that is the envy of other countries; it’s also the spirit of the city, of a new L.A., according to Sanders.

“We have a population that loves sports…This is an Olympic city, it’s in our DNA. We have more Olympians living in Southern California than anywhere else in the world, and the things we have to facilitate the Olympics are nothing but a plus.”

But L.A. still has a lot of work to do before presenting itself to the U.S. Olympic Committee.

“Hopefully if they select us to the International Olympic Committee for several years and show them a different, bold approach from what we took in the past,” he says. 

The next step? The U.S. Olympic Committee must narrow down its consideration to two or four cities, and by next winter they’ll decide whether to bid, according to Sanders.

What do you think? Should L.A. bid for the 2024 Olympics? Do we have what it takes?

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But will we go broke?

This guy says yes.

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