Facebook firearms, Venezuela, SAT changes and more

Yesterday, Facebook announced new rules to crack down on illegal firearms online. Yes, the social networking site has become quite the hotbed of gun sales. For more on what's happening with guns online and how Facebook has responded, we're joined now by Jeff Elder of the Wall Street Journal.

Brazil's World Cup: What are the top issues?

It’s now fewer than 100 days until the first kick off at The World Cup in Brazil. Though that may still sound like a long time away, in a tournament that takes nearly four years to crown a winner, it’s just the blink of an eye.
SAT vs. ACT: The battle

College Board to omit obscure words from SATs

The SAT is getting a big makeover. Yesterday, the College Board announced a sweeping redesign of the exam. Among the changes? More obscure vocabulary words, once a hallmark of the SAT, are out.
Maverick the American Short Hair Silver

Why the computer mouse won't go extinct any time soon

Many a mouse has disappeared as users turn to trackpads instead. But there's no fear of the mouse becoming completely obsolete. At least not according to our next guest, Geoff Fowler, personal tech columnist with the Wall Street Journal.
Russell Crowe in "Noah"

Could religion be the next big thing at the box office?

In a few weeks Russell Crowe will build an ark to save the faithful, in Darren Aronofsky's epic, "Noah."
Ali Objects

From Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali

In sports movies and documentaries, there are instances where the subject of the film transcends the sport itself. Where the protagonist becomes greater than the game or event that they participate in.
Governor Brown Declares Statewide Drought Emergency
It's Thursday and that means it's time for State of Affairs, our look at politics and government throughout California. To help us with that we're joined in studio by KPCC political reporters Alice Walton and Frank Stoltze.

As protests back home continue, Venezuelan immigrants react

Protesters in Venezuela are speaking out against President Nicolas Maduro, and that's led to violence with government forces. KPCC's Leslie Berestein Rojas reports Venezuelan expats in Los Angeles have responded with protests of their own.
Border Patrol

Report: Border Patrol agents lack diligence

U.S. Border Patrol agents have stepped into the path of oncoming cars on purpose to justify shooting at the drivers.
Toilet to Tap - step #1

California Drought: Orange County expands 'toilet to tap' water recycling

One way state officials hope to make California better able to withstand drought is to stock underground drinking water supplies with recycled wastewater. Water managers across the state could learn from Orange County -- an early adopter of recycled water.

Mexico mulls changing marijuana laws

Already there are signs that Mexico could be moving in that direction. Last month, a number of bills were introduced in Mexico City, and at the national level that could soften drug laws regarding marijuana.
avocado guacamole mexican food chipotle
Reports that Chipotle may have to stop serving guacamole because of global warming shocked the Internet and avocado lovers everywhere.
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