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RuPaul trolls music pirates with fake album leak

by Take Two®

Cover of RuPaul's album "Born Naked." RuPaul

What's the best way to defeat a pirate? Well, to catch them with their pants down. Since a queen has a lot more power than a pirate what better queen to do just that than RuPaul. 

So get this, RuPaul has a new album out called, "Born Naked." His team intentionally leaked a version of it to website that traffic bootleg music to see if people started downloading it illegally. But, that album was a decoy. 

About half way through each track, RuPaul begins spouting a stream of consciousness lecture about pirating his music. The stunt helped make the album the highest charting of his career. Here to talk about the move, the album and the newsest season of the show "RuPaul's Drag Race," is RuPaul 

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