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Can virtual schools perform as well as a traditional classroom?

by Take Two®

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Russ Swanson, left, a virtual learning complex facilitator, works with second graders at Baldwin Hills Elementary as they use their iPads for the first time on Friday, Nov. 15. Baldwin Hills is the final school to receive iPads as part of LAUSD's pilot program. Maya Sugarman/KPCC

For some kids, traditional school isn't necessarily the best option. They may have medical needs that make getting to school difficult, or perhaps they're athletes who travel frequently to train and compete.

In these cases, a virtual education might serve them better. This week, parents and teachers of students who attend such schools spent a day at the state capitol. There they met to try and bring more attention to virtual education, an issue they say is often misunderstood.

For more we're joined by Maureen Schultz, she's the president of California Parents for Public Virtual Education.

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