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Outdated technology makes it harder to locate missing Malaysian flight

Search Continues For Missing Malaysian Arliner Carrying 239 Passengers

STR/AFP/Getty Images

This picture taken on March 8, 2014 shows military personnel scanning the sea aboard a Vietnamese Air Force aircraft taking part in a search mission for a missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft, somewhere between Malaysia's east coast and southern Vietnam. Malaysia Airlines said on March 9 that it was 'fearing the worst' for the passenger jet that vanished carrying 239 people, as search teams hunt for the plane.

Another mystery surrounding missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, before the plane lost contact with air traffic controllers, is it didn't report any problems. Radar data suggests the plane may have turned back before disappearing, according to Malaysian officials.

This lack of information describing what happened points to what may be a issue with modern airplanes: an outdated communications system. Here in the U.S., an effort to replace it with one based on GPS technology that constantly relays plane information has stalled.

For more we're joined by Joan Lowy transportation reporter for the Associated Press

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