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Missing Malaysian Airlines flight highlights issue of stolen passports

by Take Two®

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Dato' Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director general of the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation briefs the media over latest updates on missing Malaysia Airline MH370 on March 10, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Relatives of the missing passengers have been advised to prepare for the worst as authorities focus on two passengers on board travelling with stolen passports. How Foo Yeen/Getty Images

First we turn to another question raised by the disappearance of a Malaysia Air flight. Two of the passengers on that flight were using stolen passports, which has people wondering just how easy it is to do that and what kind of security measures are actually in place.

For more on this we're joined by John Magaw, a former administrator of the Transportation Security Administration and Senior Counselor at APCO Worldwide.

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