Holly Mitchell, El Chayo, Dunites, 'True Detective' titles, and more

SCA 5 fallout
The Culver City representative is the only African American senator after Roderick Wright of Inglewood took a leave of absence recently.
Starting next year, undocumented immigrants in California will be eligible for driver's licenses. Some undocumented immigrants say they don't trust the licenses. They believe the info they hand over to authorities could be used to deport them.
Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson invokes 'better angels' in Congressional run

The bestselling author and spiritual lecturer is waging an independent campaign for Congress, and could pull votes from more traditional candidates.
YAHOO Presents Comedy Gives Back @ SXSW, Bringing Social Awareness To Feeding America

SXSW: A look at the latest trendy tech trends

More than a week of movies, music, and of course tech. Companies from around the world come to Austin to market their products, and to test the waters on which ideas the young, influential crowds respond to the best.
BNP Paribas Open - Day 7
The lack of U.S. success in tennis lately is hardly news, except when America's play is so bad at a tournament right in our backyard.

San Mateo Bocce Club hopes to keep tradition alive

As the number of new Italian immigrants dwindle, some bocce clubs are struggling to keep the tradition alive in the the northern California town of San Mateo.
Killer Whale jumping

On the Lot: 'Black Fish,' SXSW, Sarah Jones and more

Now it's time for On the Lot, our regular series of talks about the film biz with LA Times reporter Rebecca Keegan.
True Detective
As HBO's hit show wraps tonight, Patrick Clair — who created the memorable sequence — tells Take Two how the haunting images came together and what's behind them.
Search Continues For Missing Malaysian Airliner Carrying 239 Passengers
Two of the passengers on that flight were using stolen passports, which has people wondering just how easy it is to do that and what kind of security measures are actually in place.
Search Continues For Missing Malaysian Arliner Carrying 239 Passengers
This lack of information describing what happened points to what may be a issue with modern airplanes: an outdated communications system.
Mexican authorities say they have killed one of the country's most notorious drug lords, for the second time.

Hey Caddyshack! Golf courses and cemeteries aren't water wasters

Golf courses and cemeteries are big water users, but in recent years they've worked hard to conserve. But only some of their tips will help your backyard.
Moy mell

How the Dunites created a secret utopia in the Oceano Dunes

An entire squatter community once disappeared into the wilderness of the Oceano Dunes outside of Santa Maria — a colony of hermits, artists and poets called Dunites.
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