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Nancy Pelosi talks immigration and midterm elections

Lauren Osen/KPCC

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was in town recently, for last weekend's Democratic Convention and to promote her Women's Economic Agenda. It's a way to reach single female voters, a group who tend to vote Democratic, but don't often turn out for midterm elections.

That makes them a particularly important demographic for the Democrats, who need to win 17 seats to win back a majority in the House.

"This message is not only a message, it's a statement of fact: when women succeed, American succeeds," said Pelosi. "The subtitle is, an economic agenda for women and families, and that's what it is, about fair pay in the work place, paid leave, and childcare."

Take Two's Alex Cohen recently sat down with Leader Pelosi and asked about the message of her Women's Economic Agenda. 

On a discharge petition that would force a vote immigration in the House:

"We're going around listening to people in the organizations that have worked so hard for immigration reform to see if they'd be part of a campaign to say, 'Give us a vote now.' Discharge is one aspect of it, but give us a vote now. The votes are there in a bipartisan way to pass immigration reform. It's already passed in a bipartisan way in the Senate. We want a vote. And that will have an impact on people's lives, on America's success and of course also have an impact on our economy."

On whether that vote might be "no":

"It will be yes, it will be yes...We're just not going away until we pass this. I say all the time, I'd rather pass comprehensive immigration reform than win the election in November, because that is the most important thing, the most transformative thing that we can do for our society."

On people calling the President "Deporter-in-Chief

"On the deportation issue I share their concern and I myself have criticized some of the interpretation that the administration has of the law in terms of deportations I think they can be cut back, but the best way to eliminate them altogether is to pass comprehensive immigration reform." 

On a shrinking Democratic delegation from California: 

"Our California Democratic delegation is not shrinking. In fact, we added four new democrats to our delegation last time and this is the constant reinvigoration of Congress... Henry Waxman served magnificently for 40 years, how much more can you ask of someone?...New people come forward another generation of leadership for our state, we have enormous talent here."