Nancy Pelosi, El Salvador elections, SXSW food, and more

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi on immigration and winning midterm elections

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi talks about the challenges facing democrats in the midterm elections.
California Voters Participate In The State's Pivotal Primary
A Bay-Area congressional race got a bit more crowded last week. Thanks to the new "top two" primary system, Democratic incumbent Mike Honda is now facing four challengers, including three Republicans.
Earthquake In Japan Prompts Tsunami Warning For California Coast

How CA's tsunami-prone cities plan for the next big wave

Three years ago today, a powerful earthquake and tsunami slammed into northeast Japan and laid waste to coastal towns in its path. The tsunami's wide reach stretched all the way to northern California, and in Crescent City, one person was killed and the harbor was badly damaged.

Obama extends protections for northern California coast

Today, President Obama will designate more that 1,600 acres of the northern California shore a National Monument. Here to tell us more about this move and this stretch of the Mendocino Coast, we're joined now Juliet Eilperin, White House reporter for the Washington Post.
SXSW Breakfast Taco

SXSW 2014: How to make the perfect Austin breakfast taco (recipes)

My biggest take away in terms of Austin cuisine at South by Southwest has been the lack of breakfast burritos. Here they're all about the breakfast tacos.
The Academy's Official New York Oscar Night Party Preview
London has the Pimm's Cup, New Orleans has the Sazerac, New York City has the Manhattan. Plenty of cities around the world proudly boast signature cocktails, but what about Los Angeles?
Little Dragon Play Mulberry Mix Tape Tour
It's Tuesday, which means that it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. This week we're joined by music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.

LA voters play role in tight El Salvador election

In El Salvador votes are still being tallied in a narrow presidential election. The outcome could be influenced by a small number of ballots from abroad, especially from the Los Angeles area, where a large number of Salvadorans live.
Abortion Fronteras

Planned Parenthood sues over Arizona abortion restrictions

Now to the Southwest where a fight is unfolding over abortion rights. Starting April 1st, Arizona's health department is poised to implement new abortion regulations, but Planned Parenthood is asking a judge to stop them.
affordable housing

Did the end of California's redevelopment agencies hurt affordable housing?

There's new evidence every day of the brutal housing market in parts of California. Many housing experts think the short supply of affordable rental units is likely to get worse
Jackson Pollock

Restored Pollock 'Mural' to be unveiled at Getty Museum

L.A. is a great place to go when you're looking for a makeover, not just for people, but also for great works of art. Today, a Jackson Pollock painting titled "Mural" will be unveiled at the J. Paul Getty Museum with a brand new look.
Authorities Seize 1,500 Paintings Looted By Nazis
David Toren, a Holocaust survivor, claims that Germany has been too slow to recognize the painting belongs to him, after it was discovered two years ago in a Munich apartment that was full of looted art.
Westside Ballet School - 3

Inside the audition: Elite dancers compete for summer training

About 90 students gathered at Westside School of Ballet in Santa Monica for an audition with Boston Ballet. We take you inside the summer program auditions.
Infant Mortality - 1

LA County unhappy about changes to black infant health program

The state revised the program to make it more effective. L.A. County says the new approach means it will be able to serve roughly half as many women.
Gov. Brown Signs Legislation At Google HQ That Allows Testing Of Autonomous Vehicles

California DMV holds driverless car workshop

California's DMV is hosting a driverless car workshop today in Sacramento. The department wants input from the public on how to regulate the vehicles in the state.
Electronic Car Maker Telsa Reports Quarterly Earnings

Tesla takes direct sales model to chagrin of auto dealers

The California based company wants to make it a bit easier for customers to get their hands on these electric sedans by offering them customized vehicles straight from the showroom. But that idea isn't going over too well with car dealers across the country.
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