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Drought: Could gray water recycling help?

by Take Two®

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Branched drain system for gray water: Someone levels the flow splitter. Greywater Corps

In light of the on-going drought, state officials are asking everybody to cut their water use by 20 percent.

One technique getting more attention these days is recycling so-called gray water.

California passed one of the first laws to allow home gray water use.

But obstacles have slowed wide-spread adoption.

KPCC's environment correspondent Molly Peterson reports. 

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After hearing Molly's piece, you may be inspired to go grey, so to speak, at your home.

For more on just how to do that, we hear again from Leigh Jerrard of Greywater Corps, who we heard from in Molly's story. 

For information on a Greywater workshop, go to: http://greywatercorps.com/whatwscurrent.html

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