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Grim Sleeper: Notorious LA serial killer awaits trial

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Lonnie David Franklin Jr. appears for arraignment on multiple charges as the alleged "Grim Sleeper" killer, in Los Angeles Superior Court Thursday, July 8, 2010. He is awaiting trial. Al Seib/AP

One of LA's most notorious serial killer cases is back in the headlines again.

The case of the Grim Sleeper caused a media frenzy a few years back when police finally captured the man they believe to have murdered at least 10 people in Los Angeles.

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Lonnie Franklin Jr., a former mechanic for the city of Los Angeles, was arrested for the murders in 2010.

An undercover cop snagged his leftover pizza scraps and utensils at a pizza joint in Buena Park.

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The DNA from the saliva they found matched the DNA found on victims.

Definitely sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie - and in fact, Lifetime just aired a movie based on the case.

Now the saga continues as the victims' families wait for Franklin to be put on trial.

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Reporter Christine Pelisek broke the story that a serial killer was on the loose for the LA Weekly - before the LAPD notified the public.

She joined Take Two with an update on the long-awaited trial.

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