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Increase in DUIs for women sheds light on why women drink, treatment options and more

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Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies conduct a DUI checkpoint in Bellflower on March 6, 2014, near the intersection of Woodruff Avenue and Alondra Boulevard. DUI arrests among certain groups of women are on the rise in Southern California. Stuart Palley/KPCC

A catastrophic wrong-way collision on the 60 freeway made headlines earlier this year.

Six people were killed after authorities say a young woman drove into oncoming traffic.

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Twenty-year-old Olivia Culbreath is due in court this week to enter a plea to murder charges.

Prosecutors have also charged her with driving under the influence.

Records show it wasn't her first offense.

The crash prompted KPCC to take a closer look at at the issue of women and drunk driving.

KPCC's Erika Aguilar found while DUI arrests overall are down in Southern California, they are rising among some groups of women.

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Aguilar joined Take Two to discuss her challenges in getting the story, the gender differences when it comes to drinking and driving and possible solutions for those seeking treatments in the future.

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