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Meet Philippe Vergne, the new man at the helm of LA's MOCA

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KPCC's John Rabe with the new director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Phillipe Vergne. Stephen Hoffman/KPCC

Earlier this year the Museum of Contemporary Art announced the appointment of its new director, Philippe Vergne.

Vergne, originally from France, was known in the art circles for being the director of the Dia Art Foundation in New York.

This weekend, the museum will welcome Vergne at its annual gala on March 29.

KPCC's John Rabe stopped by MOCA to catch up with Vergne to talk about the museum, and he asked him why he took the job:

"I took the job because of the reasons we just lined up, amazing collection amazing artists. I was also at the moment at my job in  New York where I achieved something that I wanted to achieve and I loved the challenge. I loved the newness ... I couldn't say no - you know, from time to time someone makes you an offer that you can't refuse."

On the different art scene in L.A. and New York:

"I think LA is great and has an important art scene ... I think New York and Los angeles are complementary of each other, the two bookend  of American art today ... I actually resist the idea of inventing or bringing into the conversation a dichotomy or antagonism between New York and Los Angeles, because that's not how the world works anymore ..."

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