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Campaign to ban 'love locks' kicks off in Paris

by Take Two®

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A couple is seen on the Pont des Arts where padlocks are attached to the railing, on August 30, 2013 in Paris. Due to security reason authorities consider removing the 'Love locks' that have been attached to the Pont des Arts bridge since 2008 by thousand of lovers. PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images

Few places in the world conjure such feelings of romance and enchantment as Paris, the City of Lights.  There's the food, the wine, the art...and the locks.

For the past few years, couples have been demonstrating their commitment to each other by writing their names or initials on a padlock and attaching this "love lock" to a footbridge in the city and throwing away the key. 

But some Parisians aren't feeling the love for these amorous statements. Lisa Anselmo, an American in Paris, began a campaign against these Love Locks. She joins the show to explain why she's against the tradition. 

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