Scandal constituents, Afghan girl painter, KPCC Bracket Madness winner and more

FBI Raid San Francisco
Though three California senators have been suspended, none of them have resigned from their posts. So what happens to the millions of constituents living in their districts?
CicLAvia 2014

Open streets organizers seek CicLAvia's know-how

Tens of thousands of people walked, jogged and biked along a closed six-mile stretch of Wilshire Boulevard on Sunday for the first CicLAvia of 2014.
Record High Gas Prices Turn More Commuters Toward Metro Rail

How do you make biking and public transit cool?

With an increasing number of alternative transportation options, how do you sell people on the idea to use them on a regular basis and ditch their car?
Immigration Reform Activists Lobby On Capitol Hill

What's behind Obama's deportation numbers?

Some have questioned that figure and have pointed to data that shows that deportations are actually down in certain parts of the country and among certain groups.
Silicon Valley
"I like to think that they were looking for both a data compression expert and a penis joke expert..." says Vin Mishra who consulted on HBO's new series "Silicon Valley."
A view of people walking in the Facebook

Silicon Valley service workers at risk of eviction

The cooks and housekeepers who staff the mansions of the Silicon Valley rich have limited options for affordable housing.
The big news in Hollywood today is sad news: Mickey Rooney has died. In just a bit we'll be looking back at his career with a film historian, but I'm curious if you have a favorite Mickey Rooney movie or moment?
The Actors Fund 17th Annual "Tony Awards" Viewing Party - Red Carpet

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney dies at 93

Hollywood is mourning the loss of one of its most prolific performers. Academy award winning actor Mickey Rooney died last night at his North Hollywood home.
Radiolab Behind the Scenes
The battle was neck and neck between "Radiolab" and "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me" for much of the week — Friday afternoon, "Radiolab" was trailing by mere votes.
Vermont Battles With Deadly Heroin Epidemic
In Afghanistan, the vote counting continues from this weekend's elections. Officials say turn out was high on Saturday despite threats from the Taliban to disrupt the elections and heavy security at polling stations.
Afghan Girl-Prosthetic Artistry
A local group called Children of War recently brought a 7-year-old girl named Shah Bibi to Southern California to get her fitted with a prosthetic arm.

Drug Smuggling Twist: Innocent Mexicans allegedly duped by Mennonite suspect

Federal prosecutors in Texas and New Mexico are dealing with an unusual case. Ten drug smuggling crimes have been traced to a man from a Mennonite community in Mexico who is alleged to have duped the victims.
Mercer 5989
Research on a new drug to fight cancer, called Palbociclib, has been shown to slow cancer cells in advanced breast cancer.
Helen Keller Institute - 1

The need for glasses is great, but many kids go without

There are thousands of kids in Southern California's poor neighborhoods have problems seeing, but it's not that easy for them to get glasses. Even the help provided by private groups isn't always enough.
Cowboys Of The Golan Heights

Petaluma slaughterhouse set to reopen, but local ranchers still reeling

Small-scale ranchers and dairy farmers north of the San Francisco Bay Area are heaving a sigh of relief. The one meat processing plant in their region that shut down after a massive beef recall is reopening today, under new management.
Fronteras Desk

New Mexico's ancient irrigation systems help protect scarce water supply

The major rivers of the Southwest are suffering as snow becomes increasingly scarce in the Rocky Mountains. Scientists who study climate change warn such conditions are the new normal. But there’s encouraging news in northern New Mexico.
Mojave Desert

Debate flares over giving wildlife artificial water sources

The ongoing drought has many agencies in California reevaluating how they use water. The Mojave National Preserve in the southeastern part of the state is developing a new water management plan.
desert tortoise
With warm winters and less water, many across California are feeling the effects of climate change and a lingering drought. One group in particular may not be as obvious as farmers, ranchers or reservoirs, most likely because they already live in the dry desert.
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