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Hillary Clinton Speaks At USAID Launch Of U.S. Global Development

Women in Politics: Is there a double-standard?

Last week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton berated the media -- she said powerful women were treated with a double standard. She got a lot of flack for that remark, but recent events make one wonder if there wasn't something to that statement.
California Voters Head To The Polls For Midterm Elections
A new national study done by the Pew Charitable Trusts ranks California near the bottom when it comes to election performance.
Michael Lewis Discusses His New Book, "Flash Boys"
Michael Lewis's latest book is "Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt." It's the story of Brad Katsuyama, a banker from Canada, who's discovered that the stock market is rigged by traders -- known as high frequency traders -- who set up their computers to pre-empt other trades by milliseconds.
Walking Dead

SDSU offers its first zombies class to reanimate students

Beth Accomando from KPBS says San Diego State University has found a way to put the zombie renaissance to good use this semester.
After years of replacing man with machine on the production line, carmaker Toyota has recently decided to go back to humans.
Pinata Madlib Freddie Gibbs
This week on Tuesday Reviewsday, Oliver Wang from Soul-Sides.com and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes, join us to talk about the latest in music.
Rwanda Commemorates The Country's 1994 Genocide
Twenty years after the Rwandan genocide, the memories of these horrific events can still be fresh to survivors who've lived through the violence and to perpetrators who committed it.

City officials propose big cleanup of Skid Row

Los Angeles is known for good weather, Hollywood, and the most concentrated area of homelessness in the country. It's in the 52-block area of downtown known as Skid Row, and this week, city officials are proposing a big cleanup of the area.
Inmates in a recreation yard at the Deuel Vocational Institution in Tracy, Calif. California is trying to address court-ordered reductions in overcrowding with a plan to shift thousands of those convicted of "non-serious" crimes to county jails.
New state regulations have been suggested to crack down on rampant drug and alcohol abuse in the prison system, but just how big of a problem is addiction behind bars?
people of the Delta series

Farmers in The Delta: Deep connections to rich agricultural history

Farmers coping with the drought may decide not to plant crops like tomatoes or onions this year. But for farmers with tree crops, not watering could cripple their businesses for years to come.
A group of tourists observes a subsidenc
Just south of the San Joaquin Valley Delta lies some of California's most fertile farming lands in the world. But to keep the crops green, farmers use groundwater, they pump it from wells deep underground.

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