Stay-at-home mothers on the rise, 'Heartbleed,' LA knitters roll out for yawn crawl, App Chat, more

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The state of Texas Board of Education will soon decide whether or not to move a Mexican-American Studies elective from a "wishlist" to a list of classes that will be taught at the high-school level in the future.
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For the first time in more than three decades, Medicare has publicly released information about payments to doctors and other health providers nationwide.
Visa Plans Largest IPO In U.S. History
"Heartbleed" is a new vulnerability that was discovered in an online protocol called SSL, which is used to encrypt data that travels across the internet...
It's hot out. So, we have a list of apps that'll help you sit around the pool, get drunk and save your baby soft skin from turning to leather.
Virtual Dental Home 1
Very few dentists accept Denti-Cal patients. KPCC's Adrian Florido reports on what could be, at least, a partial solution.
California Report

Terra Bella's citrus crops face dual challenges

One group of citrus farmers in Tulare County is facing a very dire summer. They could lose their only source of water.
WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
The Huskies rule college basketball. Which team rules L.A. professional basketball. And a warrior has gone down for the count.

Uber starts a new venture into bike delivery

The San Francisco-based company Uber has enjoyed great success with its ride-sharing services, and now it's making a big move by expanding its business to bike deliveries.

Stay-at-home mothers on the rise, Pew study finds

The number of mothers who are choosing to stay at home is on the rise. That's according to a study from the Pew Research Center out this week.

The book Scientology effectively banned for 27 years

"The Bare-Faced Messiah," a biography of L Ron Hubbard, was first published in 1987. But it's only now, 27 years later, that the biography is finally available in the U.S.
punch in time clock timecard job

How does a 9 to 3 work day sound? Sweden's finding out

One town in Sweden is experimenting with slimming down the day of their government employees to just six hours.
Killer Whale Kills Trainer Before Show At SeaWorld

The fate of killer whales in Sea World

The Sea World theme park in San Diego can keep its orcas.... For now.
lapd traffic lights los angeles patrol

Police officers tamper police cars

Officials with the Los Angeles Police Department this week revealed an investigation into officer involved tampering ...

Could dust storms be affecting California's rainfall?

Scientists are trying to understand why some storms unload lots of rain and snow, and others don't.
Yarn Crawl

LA's knitters roll out for yarn crawl

Thanks to the knitwear worn in "The Hunger Games," the pastime is gaining popularity — even in sunny SoCal, and even among men.
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