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Orland bus crash: Family and friends mourn Jennifer Bonilla

Jennifer Bonilla Orland Bus Crash

Courtesy Bonilla Family

Jennifer Bonilla spent her whole life in Los Angeles. Friends say she was eager to head up north for college.

Jennifer Bonilla Orland Bus Crash

Annie Gilbertson/KPCC

Dorsey High School students remembered their friend Jennifer Bonilla as funny, kind and always having her nose in a book.

Jennifer Bonilla

Annie Gilbertson/KPCC

Jennifer Bonilla Orland Bus Crash

Annie Gilbertson/KPCC

Carmen Delgado, a relative of Jennifer Bonilla, preps flowers at the family's apartment in South Los Angeles. The door was open all day for friends and family to pay their respects.

Jenny Bonnilla's brother-in-law, Luis Ordonez, Orland Bus Crash

Annie Gilbertson, KPCC

Jennifer Bonilla's brother-in-law, Luis Ordonez, decorates a box to collect donations for her funeral.

Rosa Bonilla and her husband were driving to Las Vegas Thursday to renew their wedding vows. Then she got word that her sister, Jennifer Bonilla, may have been in that fiery bus crash in Northern California that claimed 10 lives. The happy trip turned somber as the couple returned to Los Angeles.

The lack of information and confusion about the survivors prompted Bonilla, her mother and other members of the family to drive seven hours to Orland, CA on little sleep early Friday morning.

An hour later, they turned back. The math sadly confirmed everything they needed to know.

"The sheriff notified us that 10 people were dead, five were kids, five were adults," Bonilla said. "And there was only five kids missing, and Jenny was in that list."

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Jennifer was a 17-year-old who attended Dorsey High School in Los Angeles. She was described as a star student and was participating in a program to encourage kids to be the first in their family to attend college.

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