Mayor's budget, Bell scandal update, mapping bike accidents and more

Updated: LA second graders tell Mayor Garcetti what needs fixing in their communities

Eric Garcetti DWP City Hall

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Eric Garcetti discusses a new deal he reached with Department of Water and Power workers on August 22nd, 2013 at Los Angeles City Hall.

Update 4/15:

Take Two has learned from Mayor Garcetti's office that they received the letters last week. The External Affairs department has reviewed the letters and given them to the Mayor to draft a reply. The Mayor's office says the students will receive a response.


Some elementary school kids are getting their first lesson in civic engagement.

When Maria Migliore, a 2nd grade teacher at 93rd Street Elementary in South Central Los Angeles, asked her students what they wanted fixed in their neighborhood, hands shot in the air. Old furniture and other junk laying on the streets for days, constant tagging, and unsafe play areas were just some of their complaints.

So she and her students wrote letters to Mayor Garcetti, voicing their concerns. That was about a month ago, and they haven't heard back. Migliore joins host Shereen Marisol Meraji to talk about the assignment.

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