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Google gets into the drone business with purchase of Titan Aerospace

by A Martínez and Jacob Margolis | Take Two

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Courtesy of Titan Aerospace

Google. They're on the web, on our phones, they're in our glasses... and soon they could be taking over our skies.

The company announced yesterday that they bought Titan Aerospace, a company that makes high-altitude drones. But what could Google possibly be planning to do with them?

According to Reed Albergotti at the Wall Street Journal, Google is interested in supplying Internet access to areas that are currently without. Theoretically, the drones will be able to fly for up to five years without service, surviving on solar power. While in the sky they'll be able to wirelessly connect people to the Internet.

A big issue for the company? Titan Aerospace hasn't been able to keep a drone in the air for more than a few hours.

Facebook is also looking into drones. At first one of those companies was Titan Aerospace, but they eventually moved on to purchase Ascenta, another drone company. They're interested in drones for the same reason that Google is, says Albergotti. 

If the two companies are able to pull this off, then they'll potentially have access to about a billion more users. And that could mean big returns in terms of advertising revenue and user data.

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