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Mayor's budget, Bell scandal update, mapping bike accidents and more

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Eric Garcetti

Breaking down the new LA City and County budgets

For a look at some of the details, we're joined by KPCC's Crime and Politics Reporter Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton, KPCC's politics reporter.
Eric Garcetti DWP City Hall
Students at an elementary school in South Central LA are still waiting to hear back from Mayor Garcetti after they all wrote letters voicing concerns about their community.
Immigration Activists Discuss Supreme Court's Ruling On Arizona's Immigration Law
In California, the number of people that local law enforcement turns over for deportation is on a sharp decline, most recently after a state law went into effect in January.
2012 U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Trials - Day 5

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps comes out of retirement

Michael Phelps, the 22-time Olympic medalist, is set to compete at the Arena Grand Prix Series in Arizona in less than two weeks.
Titan Aerospace
Google. They're on the web, on our phones, they're in our glasses... and soon they could be taking over our skies, with drones.
2013 NFL Draft
The NFL Draft is coming up in less than a month. Teams will put years of scouting, interviews and evaluations on the line and select college players they hope will develop into productive pros...or maybe into stars.
IRS 1040 Tax Form Being Filled Out
Although there have been reports of the IRS cutting down on audits, it doesn’t mean that they won’t come after you.
Music critic Steve Hochman and Justino Aguila from Billboard talk about new music from Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltry, Glen David Andrews, Santana and David Bisbal.
Spring Street Bike Lanes

LA's 2,043 annual bike accidents on a single map

Researchers at MIT's Media Lab plotted every single bike accident in L.A. for 2012. Which street do you think had the most bike accidents?
City Corruption

Bell's Robert Rizzo sentenced on federal tax charges

Robert Rizzo, the man who became infamous in the City of Bell corruption scandal, was sentenced yesterday to 33 months in federal prison on tax fraud charges.
Jose A. Fernandez
Last week, the Centinela Valley school board placed district superintendent Jose Fernandez on paid leave after The Daily Breeze reported that his contract brought his 2013 earnings to a whopping $663,000.
Schwarzenegger Holds Press Conference On Passing Of California Budget

Should California lawmakers be allowed to work a second job?

The suspension last month of three Democrats from the California Senate has put a new focus on ethics inside the capitol. Lawmakers have proposed dozens of new bills, and staffers have taken more ethics training.
kayak paddle

Colorado River can turn deadly for self-guided adventurers

Last month a 31-year-old Oregon man died when his kayak capsized on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. He was one of about seven thousand river runners who each year opt to go without a guide.
Corporation X pollutes Town Y.
Walmart Effect - 1

Altadena Walmart a year later: Some small competitors thrive, others fail

The new discount supermarket sparked fears that it would devastate local small businesses; 13 months later, some businesses are thriving while others struggle.

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