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Obamacare: Confusion, cost keep some Californians uninsured

Musician and carpenter Scott Belsha

Stephanie O'Neill

Musician and independent carpenter, Scott Belsha, 34, remains uninsured past the 2014 deadline to buy insurance.

Lorenzo Hebert

Stephanie O'Neill

Thrift store worker Steven Hebert hasn't found the time to figure out the health insurance requirements under the Affordable Care Act.

Steven Petersen of Los Angeles

Stephanie O'Neill

Steven Petersen, 40, says he's still uninsured past the 2014 deadline to enroll because he can't find an affordable plan through Covered California.

Beth Engel

Stephanie O'Neill

Hotel clerk Beth Engel, 32, of Oak View, CA says she's not willing to pay for insurance policy until she fully understands it.

If you haven't purchased health insurance yet - you've missed yesterday's final, final, final deadline for this year. While more than 3 million people have signed up for coverage in California, many have not.

KPCC's Stephanie O'Neill tells us what's keeping them among the uninsured.

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