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New Wave, On The Lot, Pacific Crest, Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter and more

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A computer screen showing a Facebook pag

Will Facebook be entering the money transfer world?

Would you use Facebook to send money abroad?

The uplifting art of LAX

When you want to see world class art in Los Angeles, you might head to LACMA or a gallery in Santa Monica. But you probably wouldn't think to hop a flight at LAX.
Memorial Day

House bill could endanger national monuments and parks

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed legislation which restricts the President's ability to establish national monuments and parks.
Cascades/Glacier Peak Wilderness
She and her husband Porter decided to sell their house in Houston and take on the Pacific Crest Trail. It's an adventure she writes about in the book "I Promise Not To Suffer."

Should euthanasia be an option for the terminally ill?

"Aid in Dying" as it's called, is seen by its supporters as giving dignity and choice to people at the end of their lives. Opponents fear it's a slippery slope to legally sanctioned murder.
Various Activist Groups Protest Outside Obama Fundraiser

State Department puts Keystone XL Pipeline project on hold

In Washington, holding off on an answer is having a political effect on both sides of the aisle. Bob King is the energy and transportation editor for Politico and he joins the show to discuss.
The California Report's April Dembosky explains how Christopher Lee's death opened a new political battle over the accuracy of transgender people's death certificates.
Rubin Carter Gala Dinner

Boxer Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter dead at 76

Rubin Hurricane Carter, the former boxer who spent nearly two decades in prison before charges against him were dismissed, died over the weekend. He was 76.
Government Shutdown Continues Without Resolution

Congressional caucus for cut-flowers? Check.

When lawmakers head to the country's capitol, there are a vast number of committees, panels and groups to sign up for.
Premiere Of New Line Cinema's "Jack The Giant Slayer" - Red Carpet

On The Lot: 'Rio 2,' Dee Dee Myers, Bryan Singer and more

LA Times’ Rebecca Keegan joins us for her regular Monday Hollywood update.
The claimants allege that these tech giants conspired to keep their employees down.
Take Two host A Martinez talks to Jeffrey Weiss about his new book, "Charcuteria, the Soul of Spain," which explores the surprising culture and techniques of meat preservation.
Mad World Book
What was it like to be a part of the New Wave movement in the 1980s? Lori Majewski's new book chronicles the experience, and she joins A Martinez to talk about it.
Hawaiian Airlines
Officials are trying to figure out how a teenager accessed the tarmac at Mineta San Jose International Airport, snuck into a plane's wheel well and survived a nearly six-hour flight to Hawaii unhurt.
Hmong Refugees Leave Thai Refugee camp For New Life In The U.S.

Hmong community celebrates naming of first judge

Members of the Hmong community came to the US as refugees after the Vietnam War. Many settled in the Central Valley, where they've struggled at times to fit in.

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