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Workers discover part of LA's historic water system

Los Angeles State Historic Park Zanja Madre

Photo by The City Project via Flickr Creative Commons

The Zanja Madre was the lifeblood of early Los Angeles that brought water for domestic, agricultural, and industrial use from the Los Angeles River to El Pueblo until 1913, when William Mulholland opened.

Now, a look at a piece of Los Angeles history recently unearthed. In 1781, early residents built the Zanja Madre or Mother Ditch, which brought water from the Los Angeles River to the young pueblo. 

Just last month, construction workers digging at a site in Chinatown found a piece of brick pipe that was part of that early water system. And soon enough you'll be able to see it, too.

Nathan Masters writes about L.A. history for Los Angeles Magazine, Gizmodo and KCET and he joins us to discuss. 

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