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Impulse Records, with historic ties to LA, seeks to revitalize jazz genre with relaunch

Impulse Records

Impulse Records

Album cover for a collection of Best Of Impulse Records tracks.

Impulse Records is the jazz label that brought many of the classic modern jazz tunes to a wider audience, including a 1968 re-issue of John Coltrane’s classic 1961 song, "My Favorite Things." On its roster of talents include other legends, such as Charles Mingus, Ray Charles, Ornette Coleman and Duke Ellington.

This week, the legendary jazz label announced it is relaunching  with an ambitious plan to revitalize the jazz scene. It’s a turnaround for a label that was first born during a vibrant time in West Coast jazz in the early 1960s.  

For more, we’re joined by Scott Yanow, jazz historian and journalist and author of "Jazz on Record, the First Sixty Years."

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