E-cig regulation, Transitional Kindergarten, SF shipwreck and more

LA's top doc wants DC help to regulate E-cigarettes

FDA moves to regulate e-cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration FDA wants to impose regulation on electronic cigarettes, including an eventual ban on sales to anyone under age 18. Megan McArdle covers the industry for Bloomberg View and she joins the show with more.
Dual Language API - 5
It's not every day that a brand new school grade is created, and many in the world of education have been asking how Transitional Kindergarten is doing. To date there has been little other than anecdotal evidence from teachers and principals to evaluate it on.
Special Foster Care - 1

LA County's most vulnerable foster children are having trouble finding homes

There are 18,000 kids in LA County's foster care system. 300 of them have been identified as having behavioral and mental health problems. KPCC's Rina Palta reports on a new push to recruit families to take the kids.
Today marks the one year anniversary of the devastating building collapse in Bangladesh that killed over 1,100 people and left thousands more injured. The building, Rana Plaza, was a massive garment factory that produced clothing and had already been deemed unsafe for workers the day before the tragedy.
SS City of Chester.

19th century shipwreck located near Golden Gate Bridge

In 1888, a passenger steamship called the City of Chester set out from San Francisco with 90 passengers headed to Eureka. The ship never reached its destination.
Impulse Records
This week, legendary jazz label Impulse Records announced it is relaunching with an ambitious plan to revitalize the jazz scene. It’s a turnaround for a label that was first born during a vibrant time in West Coast jazz in the early 1960s.
Sen. Leland Yee Appears In Court On Corruption Charges
It's Thursday, which means it's time for State of Affairs, our weekly roundup of politics and government news in the golden state. For that we're joined by KPCC's political reporter Alice Walton and editor Oscar Garza.
Food banks have become a primary source of nutrition for rural farmworker communities in the Central Valley.

How California's drought is impacting food banks

Higher food prices hit us all but they're especially hard for food banks. To find out how much they're being affected, we turn to Sue Sigler, executive director at California Association of Food Banks

Mexican border town hit hard as migration patterns shift

In recent decades, a flood of migrants passing through the Northern Mexican town of Altar has fueled the local economy, but migration patterns to the U.S. have shifted.
The Men's Central Jail in downtown Los A
LA County jails may be in store for a big makeover. A consultant hired by the county has laid out plans for a $2 billion overhaul of the jail system because the buildings are aging and incredibly overcrowded.
Filipino gun club

Filipino gun culture in Los Angeles has deep roots

In the U.S., the vast majority of gun owners are white and male. The picture is very different at the Norco club in Corona, where the president is a Filipino immigrant and members banter in Tagalog about technique and gun models.
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