Obama in Malaysia, California drought, LAPD photo archives and more


What is the significance of Obama's visit to Malaysia?

Obama is only the second U.S. president in history to travel to Malaysia — the last was Lyndon Johnson in 1966.
Google is among several companies putting money into a fund to help safeguard the Internet from possibly security flaws in open-source software.
An antitrust lawsuit out of Silicon Valley pitted more than 64,000 software engineers against some of the biggest names in tech: Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe.
Speaker Boehner Holds His Weekly News Conference
It's the end of another week and time for the Friday Flashback, Take Two's look at the week in news. This morning, we're joined in-studio by Los Angeles Times columnist James Rainey and in DC by Jamelle Bouie of Slate.
Today, in the United States, people are allowing strangers into their homes and cars more than ever. They're allowing them to borrow their most prized possessions and sometimes even take care of their pets while they're away.
USA - California - Los Angeles - City Hall
This Saturday, in 11 different cities across the U.S., including L.A., amateur and pro filmmakers are taking part in a 24-hour film collaboration.
Years Of Living Dangerously
Produced by James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the show features stars from Matt Damon and Don Cheadle, to Jessica Alba and even Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford. But despite the list of exotic shooting locales, this is not some fictional swashbuckler.
Coldest place on earth

Study: Antarctic region was once as warm as California

To really get a handle on climate change, it's important to look at not only what's going on now, but also what's happened in the past: The way, way past, like 50 million years ago.
Griffith Park Drought day 4

What's Griffith Park telling us about drought in LA?

Looking at the city's iconic playground these days may make it seem as though there's no drought. A closer inspection, however, shows another story.

This man wants to change teaching in California

Silicon Valley entrepreneur David Welch is funding a lawsuit seeking to dismantle teacher protections in California, claiming they hurt kids. What's in it for him?
LAPD Crime scene photos
One of the most striking exhibits at the Paris Photo event is a collection of rare crime scene photos unearthed from the LAPD's archives. Some of the photos date as far back as 1925.
Wayne Kramer
Wayne Kramer of the MC5 is back after 14 years with a new album called "Lexington." But fans of his work might be surprised, as this album is all about the jazz.
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