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From Mars to the stage: JPL Choir explores math and music

JPL Choir 1

Meghan McCarty

Members of the choir at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory rehearse in the Von Karmen auditorium on the JPL campus, which displays models of the robotic technology JPL has sent into space.

JPL choir

Meghan McCarty

The JPL Choir rehearses in the Von Karmen auditorium on the JPL campus.

Donald Brinegar JPL Choir

Meghan McCarty

Donald Brinegar has conducted the JPL choir for the last two and a half years.

Some of the greatest minds in science work for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory near Pasadena. But this weekend a group of them will turn their attention from exploring space to exploring their artsy side, as we hear from KPCC's Meghan McCarty.

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