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NAACP's Leon Jenkins resigns, Union Station turns 75 and more

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Sterling NAACP Leader Basketball
Leon Jenkins, the president of the L.A. chapter of the NAACP, has now stepped down. Jenkins faced a wave of criticism over his plans to honor Sterling with a lifetime achievement award, despite a track record of alleged discriminatory actions and statements.
It's the end of another week and time for the Friday Flashback, Take Two's look at the week in news. This morning we're joined by Robin Abcarian, of the Los Angeles Times, and by Jamelle Bouie of Slate.
Kentucky Derby Horse Racing
The Kentucky Derby gets underway Saturday afternoon and this year there's already a favorite in place. His name is California Chrome and he hails from Yuba City.
Carlene Carter
Carlene Carter was destined to make music. Related to June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash, she's out with a new album called "Carter Girl." She joins Alex Cohen to talk about her family's legacy.
Union Station
This weekend marks the 75th anniversary of the opening of L.A.’s landmark Union Station downtown. A new exhibition, No Further West: The Story of Los Angeles Union Station opens today (May 2nd) at the Central Library downtown.
uc riverside
TIME Magazine has taken on that challenge: they've crunched the data for 2,500 colleges and universities and ranked them according to the proposed metrics. According to their results, the top university in the entire country is right here in southern California.
Bottles of Sriracha chili sauce on the shelves of a supermarket in Rosemead, Calif.
Gone are the days of beige, bland food like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, America's palate has been turning up the heat with spice. Chefs, restaurant chains and food manufacturers are taking notice.
JPL Choir 1

From Mars to the stage: JPL Choir explores math and music

The JPL Choir will perform a free concert at the Pasadena Symphony's Ambassador Auditorium Saturday night, proving the strong link between music and math and science
The Groundlings
In 1974, The Groundlings started out performing in a tiny basement for audiences smaller than the size of its cast. Since that time, it's spawned some of the biggest stars in comedy, like Melissa McCarthy, Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph, Phil Hartmann, Lisa Kudrow, and others.

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