Target CEO resigns, Latino plurality, snobby salespeople and more

Target Black Friday Store Opening
Target's CEO and President Gregg Steinhafel resigned from the company today. It comes just five months after a data breach ensnared millions of Americans' personal data.

Charities grapple with Sterling donations: To keep or not to keep?

Five organizations and two high schools told KPCC they won't return Sterling donations. But will they accept future support if he offers it?
A group of children visit the Avila Adobe, the oldest existing house in Los Angeles, Calif. When the house built in the early 19th century, the state had a large population of Spanish descendants.
In California, Latinos are now the largest population group in the state. That's according to projections from experts, who say 39 percent of Californians are Latino, surpassing non-Latino whites.
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico has a reputation as one of the cities with the highest homicide rates in the world. But in the past two years, the city has become less violent, and as the number of murders go down, the number of people and businesses returning have gone up.
Margarita in a moment's notice: A powdered version of the classic cocktail is in the works. But will the so-called Powderita tastes as good as one made with fresh lime juice?
L.A. Magazine's Bill Esparza talks to Take Two host Alex Cohen on how to navigate eating and drinking Mexican-food scene without limes.
Los Angeles Kings v Anaheim Ducks - Game One
The freeway series so far has captured the attention of fans and novices alike, with the first game ending in a dramatic overtime win for the Kings.
100th Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner
It's Monday, which means its time for On The Lot with Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times, our weekly look at the movie business.
The Headshot Truck
The Headshot Truck is a mobile photography studio, which caters to aspiring actors. Photographer Adam Adam Hendershott and his business partner Will Harper are two of the entrepreneurs behind the project.
George Soros, seen at a forum in Berlin last year, joined a superPAC backing a Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2016.

Liberal donors develop new big-money strategy

There’s a new plan emerging that could revitalize the Democratic Party. The plan looks to give Democrats a stronger hand in the redrawing of district lines for state legislatures and the U.S. House.
If a big quake hits and your apartment is damaged or, worse, you're injured, who, if anyone, is at fault?
Sather Gate UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley students push for stronger response to sexual violence

Complaints that colleges and universities are mishandling sexual assault cases is creating a national outcry.
Suicide Social Media

Online chat an increasingly popular suicide prevention tool

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. They're now an important part of the daily lives of many Americans. The popularity of social media has changed the way we interact with friends, and with businesses, but it doesn't stop there.
Los Angeles River Garcetti EPA
Los Angeles County is responsible for storm water pollution which flows down the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers. This morning the Court decided to let stand a 9th circuit ruling finding that the county violated the Clean Water Act
The look of cholos might be familiar to us in LA, but that style is catching on among men in Bangkok, Thailand — most of whom don't understand Spanish or truly understand what being a "cholo" is about.
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