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The Guardian: LA ranks No. 1 in international survey of cities with best urban brands

by Michelle Lanz | Take Two®

The Griffith Observatory from Mt. Hollywood, with downtown Los Angeles in the background. According to GoogleEarth, the Observatory is .6 miles away, downtown is 5.6 miles away. Ron Reiring

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Is there any other city in the world as good at branding (i.e. selling) itself as Los Angeles? According to a new survey by The Guardian, the answer is no. 

The paper's first Guardian Cities global brand survey ranked L.A. as the city with the best brand, beating out titans like New York, Paris and London. The Guardian employed the expertise of Saffron Consultants, a branding agency with an experience in urban branding, to help them rank 57 cities throughout the world on a scale of 1 to 10, based on two criteria: assets and buzz. 

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What do these categories mean exactly? Assets were anything from climate and infrastructure to safety and entertainment/attractions. Buzz is a combination of social media analysis and media mentions. Obviously, as the center of the film and television industries, L.A. has a leg-up in this category. 

Though some, such as Curbed LA senior editor Adrian Gluck Kudler, may question the basis of this methodology (does social media buzz really have equal weight as infrastructure?), Mayor Garcetti didn't waste any time celebrating the news: 

But what weight does "branding" have when it comes to a city? We know branding for a company or product is important, but does it have the same importance when it comes to a city's identity?

Ian Stephens of Saffron Consulting was the lead on the Guardian's brand survey project. He joins the show to explain how they came up with the results and how branding has become important for cities throughout the world. 

This chart maps out how each city ranked based on the Guardian's criteria:

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