Obama in LA, Jet Magazine goes digital, #BringBackOurGirls and more


Obama takes fundraising trip to Silicon Valley

After spending the day yesterday in the southern part of the state, he's now off to Silicon Valley. Over the past several years, the tech haven has become a key stop on the president's fundraising path.

LA schools' new parent advisory group grapples with $6.8 billion budget

Parents doubt a district as large as L.A. Unified can — or even wants to — get meaningful budget recommendations from parents. New state law requires they try.
2014 NFL Combine
The 2014 NFL Draft starts tonight, where Michael Sam, the first openly gay draft prospect will wait to hear his name over the three-day process. The defensive end from the University of Missouri came out as gay in February, a move some felt was risky to his future in football.
A sign for an appartment to rent is seen
The economy may be recovering, but it may be hard to tell depending on where you live. Take Two examines the health of the economy by zeroing in on the micro-economies of several different neighborhoods throughout Southern California.

Can a social media campaign #BringBackOurGirls?

It's been almost a month since nearly 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria were kidnapped by armed extremists. The story has sparked protests and social media campaigns.

New Mexico towns struggle to catch up with oil boom

New Mexico is the nation's 6th largest oil producer. The industry is creating thousands of jobs in the southeast corner of the state, but all that activity is straining basic services. Housing is limited, classrooms are crowded and roads are more dangerous.

Fight against Mexican drug cartel has deep roots in California

Armed civilians in Mexico have been fighting a powerful drug cartel and their efforts resonate deeply with hundreds of thousands of people in California, who have roots in the western Mexican state.
It's Thursday and that means it's time for State of Affairs, our weekly roundup of politics and government news in the golden state. For that we're joined by KPCC's political reporter Frank Stoltze and politics editor Oscar Garza.
Pot Banking

Marijuana Banking: Secretive but poised to grow

A cool billion dollars. Based on sales tax receipts, that's how much revenue the California medical marijuana industry generates each year. But even though their businesses are legit in California, owners of pot dispensaries often have trouble finding a bank to take their money.
A tourist walks in the rain on the stars

Talk to Take Two: Your suggestions for LA's tagline

The Guardian recently ranked LA and the number one city in the world when it comes to brand. Yesterday, we talked guy who crunched the data behind this ranking. At the end, we pointed out that though the city of Angels might generate a lot of buzz, we are missing what most well-branded products have — a tagline.
Inmates in a recreation yard at the Deuel Vocational Institution in Tracy, Calif. California is trying to address court-ordered reductions in overcrowding with a plan to shift thousands of those convicted of "non-serious" crimes to county jails.
Governor Jerry Brown's so called realignment plan was designed to respond to a federal court order to relieve overcrowding in state prison. But that plan is creating a new set of issues, including overcrowding in county jails, which are already in a state of duress.

Jet magazine enters an all-digital era

This week the publishers behind Jet magazine, announced an end to the print version. The magazine, which first hit newsstands at the dawn of the civil rights movement, will continue only as a digital magazine app.
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