Obama on energy, Jarl Mohn new CEO of NPR, Kamala Harris and more

Today, he's appearing at a Walmart in northern California to talk about advances in energy efficiency. He's expected to talk about commitments from more than 300 companies as well as local and state governments to use solar energy technology.
ACLU of Southern California's Annual Bill of Rights Awards Dinner
Jarl Mohn, chair of the board of trustees here at Southern California Public Radio, was just named the new president and CEO of National Public Radio.
Attorney General Kamala Harris announced the creation of a recidivism reduction pilot program with LA County. She joins Take Two to talk about the program.
Monica Lewinsky meets with President Clinton
It's the end of another week and time for the Friday Flashback, Take Two's look at the week in news. This morning we're joined in-studio by Los Angeles Times columnist James Rainey, and in Washington D.C., Nancy Cook of National Journal.
Julie Macur
While it's already been over a year since the revelations about Armstrong's doping practices, the cycling world is still dealing with the fallout.
palo alto

'Palo Alto' marks Gia Coppola's directorial debut

The new film Palo Alto is based on a book of short stories by James Franco. It also marks the directorial debut of Gia Coppola, the granddaughter of legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola.
Jose Antonio Vargas Dicusses Life As Illegal Immigrant In U.S.
Jose Antonio Vargas was in many ways the quintessential American story: a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter with the Washington Post, who also wrote for the New Yorker and commanded an influential audience in the nation's capitol.
Legal Sale Of Recreational Marijuana Begins In Colorado
Colorado lawmakers have approved the creation of the nation's first financial system catering to the marijuana industry.
Scott Rinckenberger

Is it legal to ban drones in US national parks?

Over the last year, more and more visitors have been flying unnamed aircraft with cameras around these open spaces, buzzing visitors and wildlife alike. Big national parks like Yosemite, Zion and Grand Canyon have banned them, but some argue the bans are on shaky legal territory.
Santa Monica Mountains Wine - 10

The fight over the Santa Monica Mountain wine industry

No one knows exactly how many vineyards exist in the mountains. Some estimate there are about 50. About half would close under a new coastal land use plan.
Councilwoman Nury Martinez has introduced a plan to ban new strip clubs and other "adult-oriented" businesses in parts of her district.
Beats By Dr Dre: Show Your Colours - Photocall

Apple reportedly on verge of buying Beats for $3.2B

Apple is orchestrating a $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics, the headphone maker and music streaming distributor founded by hip-hop star Dr. Dre and record producer Jimmy Iovine, according to a published report.
Jill Sobule
LA based singer/songwriter Jill Sobule's newest album is based on something she found in her junk drawer... a charm bracelet. She joins Alex in the studio to talk about "Dottie's Charms."
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