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Sterling apology, military transgender ban, Vibram lawsuit and more

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In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, the Clippers owner was contrite about making racist comments. Sterling also gave some indication he might try to fight if NBA owners vote to force him to sell the Clippers.
Secretary Of Defense Chuck Hagel Speaks About Country's Transition Out Of 13 Years Of War
While the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" means gays and lesbians can now serve openly in the military, transgender service members are still banned.
warning, make sure your bike has 2 wheels
A report out by the LA County Bicycle Coalition says that more people are riding their bikes. Does that mean it's getting safer to ride in the city? Councilman Mike Bonin joins the show to talk about it.
Anaheim Ducks v Los Angeles Kings - Game Four
The first ever Frozen Freeway series between the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks is tied at 2 in their best of seven. It all boils down to this: the team win two of the next three games will move on to the Western Conference finals.
2014 NFL Draft
A new interactive tool on Deadspin's website allows you to input a word from NFL scouting reports conducted by three media outlets and see on a graph how often the word was used to describe black players compared to their white counterparts.
It's Monday, which means its time for On The Lot with Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times, our weekly look at the movie business.

How the gender gap affects our news consumption

New research from the Women's Media Center shows that gender inequality among journalists persists across all media outlets.
California Death Penalty
Tiny Nevada County has had some success with the law, which enables a county to force certain people with severe mental illness to undergo treatment.
Town Hall at Garfield High School
"GO East LA: A Pathway for College and Career Success" will make it easier for Garfield High School students to gain admission to local colleges.

New Arizona law would make abortion inaccessible in northern Arizona

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments tomorrow to decide whether to block new Arizona abortion regulations.
Africa Mobile Phones

Silicon Valley looks to cash in on Africa's mobile growth

There's been a mobile explosion in Africa over the last few years, leading to the fastest mobile growth in the entire world. As more and more Africans get connected, Silicon Valley is taking notice.
Big-headed ant

Big-headed ants could become a problem in Costa Mesa

Scientists say this invasive species could be a big problem for agriculture and officials are trying to keep the unwelcome ants in check.

How solar desalination could help parched farms

When a drought gets bad enough, like this one in California, people start debating the pros and cons of desalination. When someone says "de-sal," you may think about the process of extracting salt from seawater.
Ballot Printing Facility

Sample ballots have just a sample of what voters need to know

L.A. County spends millions to print and mail the ballots to voters, but only a small fraction of candidates choose to pay to have campaign statements included.
Diet Cults

Why people are easily seduced by 'Diet Cults'

When it comes to experimenting with ways to eat, there are a lot of choices: The Warrior Diet, the South Beach Diet and the Paleo Diet to name a few. But according to sports nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald, most of those diets are a waste of time.
Vibram FiveFingers
Consumers are often quick to believe product claims, often with little scientific evidence to back them up. Why do we do that?

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