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High temps, strong winds make for fire danger in SoCal

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California's intense drought has increased the risk of wildfire, and also made it more difficult for fire crews to safely conduct controlled burns. Tom Dreisbach/NPR

Temperatures around Los Angeles are supposed to be in the mid- to high-90s this week.

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It's a plus if you own an ice cream shop, it's a problem if you're trying to avoid fires. The heat plus the drought plus those Santa Ana winds are a perfect recipe for fire. Something that Mike Mohler's all too aware of. Mohler, a fire captain with Cal Fire, joins the show tell us how to stay safe during fire season. 

Interview highlights:

How does the heat make conditions worse?
"Our fuels are already in critical condition, as you know, we had no precipitation to speak of really this winter. Then you have the heat, which pretty much pre-heats those fuels and then you add that wind and low humidity again and it's conducive to carrying a large fire."

What are the problem areas you're watching around L.A.?
"I can tell you really everywhere, all of Southern California, is currently under a red flag warning until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, so anywhere from San Diego all the way to Ventura County. Even up to our coastline has the threat of a large wildfire due to the weather conditions that we're showing right now." 

Any safety recommendations?
"We always ask residents to refer to readyforwildfire.org, not only will this give them a plan on how to prepare their home, but also an evacuation plan that we ask residents to exercise with their families, so that they're familiar with that evacuation plan. If we do ask you to evacuate, please do so early and do so safely."


Have you been anticipating a worse than usual fire season because of the drought?
"There's a thing in the fire service, we don't predict fire season, but I can tell you that the condition that we see and the 200-percent increase of fires this time over last year, we're again, the conditions are inline to have a large wildfire this season." 

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