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Mother/Daughter BFFs: Why they're closer and why they fight

by Take Two®

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Madeleine Cray (right) hugs her mother Yvonne Brockwell during a tour of Cold Creek in the mountains north of Malibu, Calif., March 15. Christopher Okula/KPCC

It's not so strange these days to hear a daughter say her mom is her best friend. Mothers and daughters are closer than ever before, chatting often, sharing about their personal lives, fighting.

A close friendship between any mother and daughter can be tense. After analyzing hours' worth of conversations between moms and their daughters, Linguistics Professor Dr. Deborah Tannen found that fights often break out when conversations shift from friend mode to mom mode. 

Dr. Tannen joins the show to help us explore why this happens and what both parties can do to avoid the next big argument.

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