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New bill proposes closing loophole in Propsition 13

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Eunice McTyre, one of the original activist proponents of the 1978 California tax-limitation initiative Proposition 13, poses in front of her home with her current property tax bill, in the Chatsworth area of Los Angeles Thursday, Feb. 13, 2003. REED SAXON/AP

More than 30 years ago, California voters approved Proposition 13 in an election known as the Tax Revolt. The measure drastically reduced property taxes on homes, businesses and farms.

For decades, those trying to tinker with it have met with staunch opposition from a group called the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer's Association. But now the group says it won't interfere with a bill to close a loophole in Prop 13.

As one lawmaker put it, "It must be a cold day in hell. The cow jumped over the moon. And pigs are flying somewhere."

For more on this surprising move, we turn now to Dan Walters, political columnist for the Sacramento Bee.

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