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Prop 13, 103-year-old orca, Mona Simpson's 'Casebook,' swearing benefits and more

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New bill proposes closing loophole in Propsition 13

More than 30 years ago, California voters approved Proposition 13 in an election known as the Tax Revolt. The measure drastically reduced property taxes on homes, businesses and farms.
melting ice cream heat summer

SoCal Heat Wave: Good and bad for business?

With temperatures in Southern California reaching triple digits today and tomorrow, how are local businesses dealing with the heat?
Preschool discipline

How young is too young to be suspended from school?

Nationwide, thousands of kids are suspended from preschool, which is becoming more and more academic. Experts say expulsion rates drop when teachers are coached.
Author Mona Simpson's latest novel "Casebook," follows the life of 9-year-old Miles and his family living in Los Angeles.
It's time for sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. They've covered sports for ESPN and Los Angeles Times.
Million Dollar Arm
At one point, sports agent JB Bernstein had an all-star client roster, but as big names like slugger Barry Bonds retired, Bernstein found himself down on his luck.

What you need to know about net neutrality

Tomorrow, the FCC is going to vote on new rules related to how to regulate traffic online. It's part of the decade-long battle between internet providers, tech companies and the FCC over what's called Net Neutrality
california la los angeles maywood school
Sixty years ago this month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that racial segregation in public schools was unconstitutional. But, it looks like not much has changed since Brown vs Board of Education, at least not in California.
Wolf Tracking

Has California's lone wolf OR-7 found a mate in Oregon?

On this show, we've kept you up to date on OR 7 - the 5 year old wolf who's been on a solitary journey. But now it seems he might have a lady friend.
Teren Photography

Granny the 103-year-old orca spotted off Pacific Coast

A killer whale named Granny is the oldest known member of its species at 103 years old. To give a little perspective, she was swimming the seas even before the Titanic sank in the icy waters of the Atlantic.
Mónica Ortiz Uribe

Oil creates new demand in water-stressed New Mexico

In Southeast New Mexico water is scarce and oil is plentiful, yet both are in high demand. A barrel of oil will fetch a handsome profit at today's prices and producing it creates plenty of well-paid jobs, but it also takes a lot of water.
LAPD Crash Folo - 1

5 LAPD officers down: Colleagues struggle to cope

Five LAPD officers have died this year, making it the LAPD's deadliest year in recent memory. Fellow officers are dealing with grief and disbelief.
Office Space
According to psychologists at England's Keele University, cursing is "a harmless emotional release," and can make you feel stronger and more resilient.

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