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Advocates kick up lobbying efforts for new education dollars

by Mary Plummer | Take Two®

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Students from the Center Theatre Group Student Ambassadors Program interview a high school student about arts education in downtown Los Angeles. The student ambassadors are part of an advocacy team that's trying to secure funding for arts education under Governor Jerry Brown's new LCFF budget process. Mary Plummer/KPCC

The second in a series of stories on how Southern California schools are being affected by new state laws giving parents and others more say in classroom spending.

Money from Proposition 30 that voters passed is starting to flood into California public schools.

It's the first influx since the recession, and the money is being doled out using Governor Brown's landmark new school financing plan. The Local Control Funding Formula gives more money to districts with disadvantaged kids, and that has plenty of groups interested in influencing how it's spent.

KPCC's Mary Plummer brings us this story as part of our continuing series on the new funding strategy.

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