San Diego fires, rape kit processing, 'Hotel California,' 'Godzilla' SFX and more

Drought relief on the way for some in San Joaquin Valley

Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta Water System Bay

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Louvers at the Skinner Fish Facility in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta divert most fish away from pumps that lift water into the California Aqueduct. Decades of fights among government and water agencies, environmentalists and farmers, in courtrooms and conference rooms have culminated in the Bay Delta Plan, which will soon be open to public debate.

For the first time ever, federal water managers will tap into San Joaquin River to try and bring some relief to parched farmlands and wildlife refuges in the San Joaquin Valley.

The move comes as the US Bureau of Reclamation tries to fulfill contractual obligations it has with landowners in the Central Valley. KQED reporter Lauren Sommer joins the show to explain. 

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