Take Two for May 19, 2014

AG Holder Announces Economic Cyber-Espionage Charges Against China
The US charged members of the Chinese military with cyber espionage. They allegedly stole trade secrets by hacking into computers and lifting information.
The AT&T logo is seen on June 2, 2010 in

AT&T moves to buy DirecTV for nearly $50 billion

In the latest major media deal, AT&T says it will buy DirecTV. It's a move that could affect millions of customers and pose a challenge to other media giants in the industry.
Timothy Leary

Psychiatric research turns to psychedelic drugs to treat ailments

Psychedelic drugs are back and they're in the hands of scientists. Researchers are studying their use in treating everything from anxiety disorders and PTSD to alcoholism and adult autism.
Doctors Fees

KPCC launches new health blog, 'Impatient'

Many people across the country have a lot of questions every time they visit their doctor
California Report

Former lifers discuss hopes, fears after winning parole

Inmates serving life sentences with the possibility of parole rarely get out of prison in California, a trend that's lasted decades. Most of these so-called "lifers" committed murder, and most have been routinely denied parole.

Preventing sexual assault in prison

More than a decade ago, Congress unanimously passed legislation aimed at preventing rape behind bars.
While we continue to see signs of economic recovery in the U.S., some experts point to a persistent wealth gap among different groups as a troubling sign in the economy.
A Disney Sunset

What do you think of Disneyland's price hike?

For more on this, Take Two spoke with Lisa Robertson. She's the author of the blog "Babes in Disneyland," which offers travel tips for families visiting the park.

Study finds e-cigarettes increase superbug resistance

A new study suggests that e-cigarette vapor makes drug-resistant bacteria, like MRSA, harder to kill and also reduces the immune system's ability to fight infection.
Tesla Motors has outsold several luxury carmakers in California in 2013, on the strength of its Model S, seen here in the foreground. The Telsa Roadster is behind it.

California's biggest auto employer is now Tesla

Tesla now employs more people than Toyota. It's a gap that's set to grow when Toyota moves many positions to Texas by 2017.
California Report

Los Angeles studies its tiniest residents — insects

While they may buzz around your head, being a nuisance to you, bugs can be a goldmine of information for scientists. Now researchers are trying to count all of the ants, bed bugs, bees, cockroaches and mosquitoes in big cities like Los Angeles.
Almond Farm Bees - 10
The drought continues to affect residents and businesses throughout the state. This time it's California's honey producers that are being impacted.
Workers process shrimp at a factory in Thailand in 2009.

Shrimp plastics could be packaging of future

Shrimp plastics are made from a polymer called chitin found in shrimp shells and common in the natural world in everything from exoskeletons to butterfly wings.
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