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Misogyny hurts men too: Elliot Rodger's toxic vision of masculinity

Elliot Rodger

Frank Stoltze/ KPCC

Isla Vista police identified Elliot Rodger as the main suspect in a shooting Friday night in Isla Vista that left 7 people dead.

The deadly rampage in Isla Vista, like many other mass shootings, has spurred discussions of gun control and mental health. But it has also started a robust discussion of how his views reflect a culture of misogyny and destructive gender ideals.

Writer Noah Berlatsky explores these toxic ideas of masculinity in a recent piece for the Atlantic. He says misogyny like Rodger's is directed not only at women but at femininity wherever it is found in our culture: virgins, homosexuals or anyone who doesn't fit the testosterone-fueled vision of masculinity held up as the ideal.

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