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Using trauma-informed approach to help poor students

Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

Maya Sugarman/KPCC

Preschoolers take part in a drawing exercise at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy's Burlington Campus on Wednesday, Jan. 8.

In the second part of our series “Teaching Through Trauma,” KPCC’s Annie Gilbertson visits Camino Nuevo, a charter school whose mission is to improve the grades—and lives—of disadvantaged students.

Los Angeles public schools — where more than 80 percent of students live in poverty — illustrate the challenges for these students. Less than half of third graders in L.A. Unified read at grade level and 20 percent of students will have dropped out by senior year.

But researchers also offer hope. They said the right interventions can make a difference. And one school in MacArthur Park is battling biology by helping children with life as well as school — to growing success.

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