Sheriff deputy testimony, LGBT Nike, 'The Snowy Day' and more

A bank of public phones outside Men's Ce
More details are coming out about a culture of abuse at L.A. County Men's Central Jail, after former sheriff's deputy Gilbert Michel testified this week about his participation in that culture.

Car2Go hopes to help South Bay residents ditch their cars

Uber and Lyft could be seen as competitors, but Car2Go prefers to view them as complimentary; Together, they all make it much easier for drivers to ditch their cars.

The story behind Nike's #BeTrue line for LGBT athletes

Nike debuts its new collection #BeTrue to celebrate LGBT athletes. But there's a backstory of how, for years, the company has been working to market to the LGBT community.
Statue of a Victorious Youth
Officials at the Getty Museum are awaiting a decision from an Italian court concerning the "Victorious Youth" statue, also known as the "Getty Bronze."
The Skirball Center is celebrating the children's book "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keat with a complete interactive exhibit.
More than 60,000 children are expected to cross into the US this year. That's 10 times more than the number that crossed in 2011, and officials are struggling to find shelter and support for them.
Navajo Code Talker

Last original Navajo Code talker dies

The last original Navajo Code Talker died Wednesday. Chester Nez was one of the 29 men who used their native language to devise an unbreakable code that helped win World War II.

San Gabriel Valley school district brings back clay art classes

Many districts are heading toward tech plans that give each student a laptop or tablet, but as most schools push toward new technology, some are also embracing the old.
A man plays poker on his computer connec
13 California tribes have finally settled on legislation which would legalize poker online, but there are still hurdles to get over before anything goes through.
The cast of FX's 'Tyrant'
FX's new show 'Tyrant,' billed as a tense family drama set in the Middle East, has been beset by a series of setbacks and controversies.
Trust Me
The new film "Trust Me" focuses on a struggling agent for child actors named Howard Holloway. He comes across a teenage girl names Lydia with a tremendous amount of talent, and tries to persuade her to let him represent her.
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