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How do you find the best burrito in America?

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Maya Sugarman/KPCC

Poncitlan cook Enedina Arrellano sprinkles chopped onions on two burritos. In the last year, the store owner shifted to focus on being a burrito shop.

Back in 2007, statistics junkie Nate Silver of ESPN's FiveThirtyEight blog wanted to find the best burrito in Wicker Park, the neighborhood he'd just moved to in Chicago.

A self-proclaimed "burritophile," Silver set up a NCAA-style elimination tournament called the Burrito Bracket to determine the winning dish.

Now, with the help of some friends (including a "burrito correspondent" and "burrito selection committee") and online data provided largely by Yelp, he's setting his sights higher with a quest to find the best burrito in America.


Journalist Anna Maria Barry-Jester is FiveThirtyEight's "burrito correspondent" and she's now on a cross-country quest, sampling burritos along the way to determine which one is best. She joins Take Two to explain how the field of 67,391 restaurants was whittled down to 64 and her burrito-rating criteria.

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