Student loan relief, Ed O'Bannon vs NCAA, country music photos and more


President Obama to sign student loan relief order

The move will ensure borrowers pay no more than 10 percent of the monthly income in student loan payments.

Ed O'Bannon vs NCAA: Trial in antitrust suit begins

Five years ago, former UCLA basketball star Ed O'Bannon sued the NCAA, a video game manufacturer and a licensing company for using the names, images and likenesses of ex-Division 1 football and college basketball players.
La Canada Child Educational Center Preschool Gender

Do girls actually do better in preschool than boys?

Magazine articles and mommy-blogs have decried that classrooms are made for girls, leaving little boys squarely in the mischief-maker box.
Los Angeles City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
As it turns out, overdosing on pot treats isn't uncommon for inexperienced users. That's only one of the problems that Colorado's been having with pot since it was legalized five months ago.
Walmart Effect - 2

How do you find the best burrito in America?

Journalist Anna Maria Barry-Jester is FiveThirtyEight's "burrito correspondent" and she's now on a cross-country quest, sampling burritos along the way to determine which one is best.
The Fault In Our Stars
Warren Beatty back in the business, Seth Rogen on a ratings rant and the appeal of the tear jerker.
Brazilian forward Jairzinho is carried by fans aft
The sport, known as football throughout the world, has a long and fascinating history in Brazil.
California Drought Communities In Crisis
A USC Dornsife/LA Times Poll finds that while 89 percent of Californians consider the drought a crisis, only 16 percent said it had a major impact on their lives.
Drought Drilling

Drought drives groundwater drilling frenzy

There's been hardly any help from the sky or the Sierra snowpack this year, so farmers and ranchers are leaning heavily on pumping groundwater.
California is about to become the biggest state to allow immigrants in the country illegally to apply for driver's license. More than a million people are expected to apply over three years, but there is the matter of what the license will look like.
Bellflower DUI Checkpoint - 1

What can law enforcement ask you at a traffic stop?

Sheriffs recently testified at the Texas State Capitol that state troopers in border counties are often too aggressive against citizens pulled over for routine traffic stops, but the allegations are hardly confined to state troopers.
Tail o the Pup
The legendary walk up stand closed in 2005, but its memory lives on. Soon enough you'll be able to dine at this hot dog shaped eatery once again.
Country Music
Country music legends Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris are just a few of the artists whose images are part of a new exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles, called Country: Portraits of an American Sound.
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