Unrest in Iraq, Mexico in World Cup, Peafowl deaths in Rolling Hills and more

Former Iraqi translator living in SoCal is concerned for family back home

Tariq Abu Khumra Iraq Iraqi Translator

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Tariq Abu Khumra, a former translator for U.S. forces in Iraq, holds an American flag, which was given to him by American troops, in his Glendale apartment.

The news from Iraq this week has been especially troubling for Iraqi immigrants here in the U.S., who have family and friends still in the country.

Tariq Abu Khumra worked with two units of the U.S. military as a translator in Iraq. After U.S. troops left, it became too dangerous for him to stay there, and he applied for a special immigrant visa to come to the U.S.

He now lives here in Southern California, but most of his family is back in Iraq. Abu Khumra joins Take Two to talk about what he's hearing from back home. 

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