Unrest in Iraq, Mexico in World Cup, Peafowl deaths in Rolling Hills and more

A prominent Shiite cleric has issued a call to arms to fight the militants, raising serious concerns that the country is backsliding into sectarian conflict.
Tariq Abu Khumra Iraq Iraqi Translator
The news from Iraq this week has been especially troubling for Iraqi immigrants here in the U.S., who have family and friends still in the country.
President Obama gives Saturday's commencement address to UC-Irvine graduates, and student Ruchi Bal is one of the many who's anxious to hear him speak.
The next Majority Leader?
A political defeat that many equate to an earthquake, the Donald Sterling soap opera continues and George H.W. Bush celebrates his birthday in style are the topics we're tackling today in the Friday Flashback with James Rainey of the LA Times and Elahe Izadi of National Journal.
The Peacocks of Palos Verdes
In bucolic Rolling Hills Estates, a murder mystery is unfolding, featuring local politics, warring neighbors and at least 50 victims.
Aimee Mann Ted Leo
Alex Cohen sits down with Aimee Mann and Ted Leo to talk about how it was for the two of them to work on their new album, "The Both."
In the latest installment in our series on L.A.'s communities as viewed through the lens of the World Cup, KPCC talks with Mexico fans for whom it's a way of life.
Graciela Villeda

How might Garcetti's 'Great Streets' impact the health of Boyle Heights residents?

Local residents talk about navigating cracked sidewalks and having no bike lanes.
Host Alex Cohen talks with writer/director/producer Issa Rae about "Make 'em Laff," the talent search for diverse and unique comedic voices organized by the L.A. Film Festival and Funny or Die.
Rich Sommer
Rich Sommer takes a break from Sterling Cooper & Partners to take part in a table reading for a script titled, "1969: A Space Odyssey, or How Kubrick Learned to Stop Worrying and Land on the Moon," at the L.A. Film Festival.
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